A Comprehensive Guide to Betting on CS:GO

It is easy for anyone interested in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to learn the CS:GO how to bet processes. Simply following the simple steps outlined at a multiplicity of websites will result in the player being able to get a handle on the basics almost instantly.

CS:GO How to Bet: Getting Started

The first task of those who are learning CS:GO how to bet is the decision of which items to start doing so with. Outcomes will vary depending on what the bettor has decided to prioritise: those who are laying wagers according to their budgets will not have the same results as those who are basing their betting choices on their final goals.

When it comes to learning CS:GO how to bet, like punters of the AFL Grand Final online bets who check out the reviews, a number of examples can be used to illustrate this point: if the player’s goal is to obtain a Karambit Stained, at $220, from his or her betting, then it may be a good idea to begin doing so with some of the larger so-called starter items. On the opposite end of the scale, if the punter’s final goal is acquire a M4A4 Bullet Rain, at $15, from his or her wagering, then commencing the processes with smaller starter items is recommended.

Which items to dig up when it comes to starter items will depend on two factors:

  1. What does the player’s budget look like?
  2. How much is the player willing to lose?

Those just starting off getting to grips with CS:GO how to bet should definitely have an answer ready for the second question. Whatever amount the player can afford to lose is the player’s betting budget, and all subsequent decisions will depend on this amount. It is recommended that if, for example, the answer is $5, then the prospective bettor purchases $5 worth of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins to function as the money in the wager, and he or she builds of this total, and nothing more. Discipline is key.

Items to Purchase That Fall Within a Budget

In the CS:GO how to bet tutorial that takes for its example the total of $5 as what is set for the player as the amount that he or she is willing to lose, the question of what items to buy with which to begin becomes the next one to answer. For this amount, it might be a good idea to grab a hold of:

  • Five Sticker Capsule Keys

Priced at $1 each, the player will then have five different items valued at $1 each

  • Ten $0.50 Skins

The player will then have ten different skins with which to bet

  • Differently priced skins, coming to a total value of $5 when all is said and done

When the player has decided to start betting within this range, $5, he or she must bear in mind that the focus will be on quantity rather than quality. Players should not purchase two valuable skins at $2.50 each and then have to forfeit both during an unlucky game: the goal is to set up so that recovery is possible if losses are incurred at any point.