The Town of Lock is Home to the Lock Cup

The Lock Cup is an open, handicap horse race that is run over a 1900 metres course. The Lock Race Club will be hosting the 50th edition of this annual horse race at the meeting in Lock come 2016. The venue of the Lock Cup is the quaint and picturesque McLachlan Park racecourse in the town of Lock. Lock, itself, lies in the centre of the Eyre Peninsula, 300 km southwest of Port Augusta and 606 km northwest of Adelaide via the Princes and Eyre Highways.

The racecourse is regularly referred to in the media as ‘The Oakbank of the West Coast,’ for it provides race goers and punters with a horseracing experience that is entwined with a really relaxed picnic atmosphere. Beautiful green lawns, shady trees and under cover shelter line the course, creating an ideal venue for the entertainment and culinary services on offer. Races are viewed from the full lawn viewing mound that gives everyone a clear view of the whole racecourse, and a highly entertaining day is assured with full catering facilities, canteen and bar. Various events are conducted during the course of the day such as the Fashion at the Races. The course is fully equipped with TAB and bookmakers. The Lock Cup is a popular event with online access too.

Horse Racing in Australia

Australia loves horse racing. Or rather, they have loved horse racing for centuries. And with the great country horse racing events scattered throughout the year it is easy to see why the love for the tracks has persisted and grown. Now with the online sports betting scene in full swing and Australia’s top sports books the best around, the punting scene has flourished and betting has grown from a hobby into a potential passion. On top of this the purses at many of the races, the winnings available, and the entertainment value of the events themselves are so worthwhile that punters are attracted in swathes.

Country horse racing in Australia has become a social and equestrian event, an opportunity to experience some of the most beautiful venues in one of the most beautiful of countries. The town of Lock, and their flagship event the Lock Cup are a prime example.

The Lock Cup Venue

Lock is described as a typical Eyre Peninsula wheat belt town operating as a service centre for the surrounding cereal and sheep farmers. The entertaining and relaxed nature of county racing, as well as the horses at the centre of it all, are the focus of a new marketing campaign aimed at attracting more race goers to tracks throughout Australia.

Australia has one of the most active wagering communities in the world, with over 80% of the island continent placing bets of some sort. Horse betting on its own contributes hugely to this. The amount of races every year in Australia is remarkably high. This is only aided by country racing days such as the Lock Cup. These events catering to the entire family, with the added lure of neighbouring tourist attractions are drawing ever larger crowds and gaining an increasing online presence too. Taking part in the Lock Cup can be done from anywhere in the world.