Bullion Bars Online Slots From Novomatic To World Playersv

Bullion Bars at crazy luck casino is a slot that used to be found all over the world, tucked away in little corner cafe’s or bars before gambling became so restricted in many countries. It was well known to both the older generation, and the younger one who used to play for coins while the shop proprietor turned a blind eye. Novomatic has remade the classic slot game and launched it into the virtual world. They have kept it as true to its original self as possible though, with all the familiar sounds and graphics.

Bullion Bars is the most basic of slots. It has no special features, no wild symbols or free spins. The game has three reels and twenty paylines. The game can be played for real or free money in many casinos. The twenty paylines are all optional, with as little as 0.01 coins being necessary to play a line. All twenty lines can also cost as little as 0.2 coins, but players have the option of going all the way up to 20 coins per line, which works out to a maximum stake of 400 coins per spin.

Bullion Bars is a game for all budgets, but definitely not for all tastes. If online casino players are looking for a slot that is exciting and full of special features, game like graphics and a story line with characters, this is most definitely not going to float your boat. Bullion Bars is pure one armed bandit style at its simplest; just the spinning of the reels, and the sound of coins falling.

Fruit Machine Theme and Symbols

Bullion Bars is based on the basic Fruit Machine theme, with only really three symbols. The one you want to avoid is the 0, which will give you 0. Next up are the stars, and after them its all bars. Single bars, double bars, triple bars, gold bars all with various payouts. The gold bars are the most valuable with three of them being worth 10 000 coins. Bullion Bars does however contain a standing jackpot. Should you manage to get three bars on reel one, three bullion or gold bars on reel two, and three bars on reel three, you will be paid out 200 000 coins. Bullion Bars may be simple, but it can be very lucrative.

Basic Graphics

Although Bullion Bars is a very simple, Novomatic have done the graphics pretty well. Everything in it is crisp and modern, with no fuzzy edges or dull colours. The main colours are black and gold, with the line numbers on the edge of the reels bringing in a bit of colour with reds, blues and greens. The reels themselves are black, set against a black background. The slot is smart looking and serves is purpose well with no frills .

Bullion Bars Streak Feature

The one and only special symbol in Bullion Bars is the Streak Symbol that can be found on reel two. If you find it with a bar symbol on either side, the game goes into Streak mode. Here the reels spin by themselves, creating one winning line after another. This continues with no input from you until no winning streaks appear on the reels. They then stop, and go back into basic mode. This feature cannot be retriggered.