Details about the NSW Lottery for Players

Details about the NSW Lottery for Players

The NSW Lottery was formed in 1930, and falls under the jurisdiction of the Government of New South Wales. Since 2010, however, the Tatts Group Limited has been operation, in accordance with a 40-year exclusive license. It runs its games of chance through a set of agent connections, the majority of which are newsagents. The lottery falls under the Gaming and Racing portfolio belonging to the government, and regulated by the Public Lotteries Act of 1996.

Various NSW Lottery Competitions Available

The NSW Lottery collective runs some of its games of chance itself, but it also syndicates various others that are run by different interstate lottery organisations. These include:

  • The Lotto

Three Lotto draws take place weekly, on Monday; Wednesday and Saturday nights. Although all of these are identically marketed by the NSW Lottery group, the draw, which takes place on Saturday evenings, is a national one, administered by Tatts Group Limited. In other areas of Australia it is known as the Gold Lotto, or simply Tattslotto. Those that take place on the Monday and Wednesday evenings are run by NSW Lotteries and are available to all of Australia excepting Queensland. Although the draws are all formatted identically, requiring those taking part to choose six numbers from a pool of 45, the one that takes place on Saturdays is more expensive because its prize pool is bigger.

  • Lotto Strike
  • Lucky Lotteries

The Lucky Lotteries brand markets both the $2 Jackpot Lottery and the $5 Jackpot Lottery, which, although similar, are two distinct games.

  • Powerball
  • Oz Lotto

A competition run by the Tatts Group and syndicated by the NSW Lottery collective

Run by the Tatts Group and syndicated by that of the NSW Lottery

    • Set for Life

    Launched by NSW Lotteries on the 3rd of August 2015

  • 6 from 38 Pools

This is run by the South Australian Lotteries as The Pools, and is syndicated as the 6 from 38 Pools by the NSW Lottery group.

Powerball by the NSW Lottery

Powerball by the NSW Lottery

Powerball is the game operated by the NSW Lotteries in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory; Golden Casket in Queensland; Lotterywest in Western Australia; Tattersalls in Tasmania and Victoria; and the South Australian Lotteries Commission.

Since March 2013 the fresh Australian Powerball competition has been in place, and this competition has participants drawing six regular numbers from a pool of 40 numbers and the Powerball number drawn from a second pool of 20. The highest ever jackpot for the Australian Powerball game was AU$80 million, in 2009, and the majority of this game’s jackpot wins are not divided by multiple winning tickets.

Like some differences in European and American Roulette at, there are a number of big differences between the Powerball competition played in Australian and the one played in the United States of America. The largest of these is the fact that in the US a ticket will win automatically when the Powerball number matches, but in Australia there needs to be a minimum amount of three numbers matching in order to claim the prize: two of those from the regular pool plus the so-called Powerball.