How to Win at Sic Bo Online

Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese gambling game involving three dice. It’s one of the more unusual casino games, but Sic Bo’s simple rules and fun themes make it a great game for both beginners and old hats looking for something different.

Although it is a game of luck, there are some strategies that you can employ to improve your odds of winning. If you haven’t played before, it’s best to familiarise yourself with Sic Bo’s rules before reading the rest of this article!

For beginner players

The best strategy for beginners is to make small bets, and to choose ones with the best house edge and the highest probabilities. Small and Big bets are the simplest kind in Sic Bo. They offer almost even chances to win (about 48%) and great payouts, making them a good choice for newbies.

The Combination bet, where you choose two specific numbers, is also a good choice. It has a very low house edge and a high probability of winning (about 62%). Of course, the payout isn’t as high, but it’s a good low-risk strategy for those wanting to get a feel for the game before getting adventurous.

For advanced players

If you are looking to win big with Sic Bo and you have a bit more experience, you can be more daring. To increase your chances of a big win while still avoiding massive losses, the best strategy may be to bet on at least four numbers at once.

Each number bet in has a different probability, payout and house edge. It’s recommended that you familiarise yourself with these, or at least have the information on hand when you are playing. Choose your combination carefully based on how much of a risk you are willing to take. Whether you want to play it safe or go for gold is all a matter of your budget and what you are looking to get from the game.

Experts and high rollers

Even experts can learn something new, so here are a few suggestions for those wanting to be really adventurous and have a shot at the biggest wins. If your budget allows, laying multiple bets is a good strategy. Even if some of them have low odds, the total payout will be enough to ease the damage and you have a chance to come away with a really high sum. An example of a system that will improve your odds is to place three currency units on 12, two on double 4 and double 5, and two on a Combination bet of 4 and 5. You’ll get a return of 27 if 8 wins, 22 if one of your doubles wins, and 12 if your Combination comes through. There are many more effective systems, and as an expert player we’re sure you’ll enjoy coming up with your own!

Of course, none of these systems are fool proof or can totally eliminate the house edge. But with some smart strategy moves you can certainly improve your odds! Besides, isn’t the risk half the fun?