Place Soccer Bets Online with an Extensive Guide

The All Whites, New Zealand’s national soccer team have graced the field in twelve World Cup appearances between 1970 and 2014.

Punters in quest of New Zealand soccer bets have a large variety to choose from within the Stirling Sports premiership, which features an array of tournaments including the Chatham Cup.

The Stirling Cup is played in the summer between eight competitive teams. Kiwis enjoy a relaxed online betting culture in New Zealand; this means that a host of varying tournaments can be opted for from online sports books.

With numerous worldwide and local soccer events, punters from New Zealand can place soccer bets on international and national soccer championships, opening the door to an immersing world of soccer bets and entertainment.

A World of Options

Soccer is arguably the world’s most popular sport, with an incredible amount of fixtures annually; placing lucrative soccer bets can be intimidating for new punters from New Zealand in quest of valuable soccer bets.

Betting on the Match Outcome

Match odds are straightforward and the most suited to new punters seeking to become accustomed to soccer bets and the probability of outcomes that are loaded into games.

Punters simply need to opt for one of three soccer bets including home win, away win or draw.

1 for a home win, 2 for an away win and an X for a draw usually mark these soccer bets.

All bookmakers function on the over-round concept, meaning that all wagering odds already have a commission built in to the Bet. Most bookmakers offer bets with a commission between 5 and 12 % already built into the bet.

Bet on Half Time

Additional outright soccer bets include the trusty half time leader prediction. Here punters may place soccer bets on a team to be leading the point’s board at half time.

Half time leader bets allow for three options, with home win, away win and draw options featuring in these types of soccer bets, it is a handy type of wager that breaks the game into segments allowing for increased insight into live soccer bets.

The Double Down

Double chance soccer bets allow punters to bet on two possible outcomes in a single match.

For example; kiwis looking to place double chance soccer bets on the all whites, who represents the home team against England, who represent the away team, will have the following options.

New Zealand or England, which allows for Home or Away bets.

New Zealand Or Draw, allowing for the Home or Draw soccer bets.

England or Draw, allowing for Away or Draw soccer bets in a single match.

Soccer is a gentleman’s game, easy going pace mixed in with blistering jolts of incredibly skilful runs allow for intense moments in the game.

The beautiful world of football allows for interesting soccer bets that can yield potential lucrative winnings.

Top Goal Scorer

In top goal scorer soccer wagers, like bettors predicting outcomes in Crown Oaks Day bets, punters can predict who will score the most goals in a single 90-minute match.

First Team to Score

First team to score soccer bets allow kiwis to predict who will draw first blood in a soccer match. This type of bet usually yields winners via valuable understanding of soccer teams, leagues and players.


Many soccer bets and games have handicaps. Bookmakers’ price teams up or down according to their strengths and their proven ability to win or loose.

Handicaps work by point deficits and punters will need to predict a winning score in the over and under markets within the handicap provided by the bookmaker.