The Most Popular Golf Bets Explained

Not only is wagering on professional Golf games a wildly entertaining pastime, but it can also be very profitable! Whether you see yourself as a recreational bettor who likes to spice up watching their favourite sport or you are more professional and are looking for an edge, you have come to the right place. Find out more about all the best stake options for livening up those eighteen holes.

Head to Head

This wager is where you will see the largest increase in options when you bet online instead of at the local brick-and-mortar bookmaker or that shady character ensconced in a back table at your local pub. Head to Head Golf stakes sees the sportsbook setting a line between two players that is totally independent of the overall results of the tournament field.

For example, we will say that Cameron Smith and Lucas Herbert have both managed to get through to the fourth round of a tournament in good standing. The bookmaker will then set a line on which player will win for the round in question as well as the remainder of the competition. The only thing that matters with this bet is either Herbert or Smith, whoever you have wagered on, finishes better than the other. Even if they only get the 40th or 45th position in the tournament overall, you will win if the player you chose finishes higher or shoots better than the one they were pitted against in the Head to Head matchup.

To Win

This is the simplest stake for games and thus the most popular. But just because it is so straightforward certainly doesn’t mean that it can’t play an important part in your winning betting strategy! Pros use this wager frequently to pad their pockets, and so can you.

The name of this bet tells you everything you need to know, and you will be choosing who you think will win a game or tournament. If you think Jon Rahm is going to win an upcoming tournament, you can use this wager to make some money off that fact.

Versus the Field

This stake is fun because it allows you to root for a select few golfers. Typically, this wager only becomes available for the later rounds in a tournament, where it looks like one player is going to run away with the first-place spot. The online bookmaker will give you the chance to bet on everyone except the front-runner. It doesn’t matter who ends up winning, just that the one in the current first-place spot does not.

For example, let’s say Adam Scott is up five strokes as the last day of the tournament begins. This is when you may see a Versus the Field bet that lets you bet on him losing. It doesn’t matter if Marc Leishman beats him or even some random player you have never heard of ends up snatching the title from him. If he doesn’t win, you do!