The Most Popular NASCAR Bets Reviewed

Did you know that there are many more ways to wager on the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing than just who will pass the finish-line first? Not only are the other stakes super fun, they additionally let you put your NASCAR knowledge to some profitable use.

Fastest Lap Time

This self-explanatory bet is independent of the race’s outcome. If a driver does the quickest lap of the event and then crashes out, you’ll still win, unless someone else beats the time set before it ends. This wager is not an average and simply covers what it says it does, although it excludes the qualifying times.

Podium Finish

If you’ve ever had the feeling that a driver is going to have a strong showing but you’re not 100% certain that they’ll win, this is the bet for you. The Podium Finish is perfect for these situations, allowing you to collect a great return if your selected driver ends up in one of the top three positions.

Whether they come first, second, or third is beside the point. As long as they’re in the top three you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank! Admittedly, these wagers don’t pay out quite as well as the Outright Win stake, but you’ll certainly still see a profit. The rule with staking is that the more risk you take, the higher the reward if you win, and this bet is obviously not as risky as selecting a specific finishing place.

Pole Position

This is another very enjoyable bet, and you’ll fare better with it when you know a lot about the NASCAR drivers and who the fastest one is when they’re the only car on the track. Pole Position wagers let you stake on who’s going to have the fastest qualifying time and they’re very easy to make. If you predict correctly, you win.

We recommend making this bet when you’re in the mood for a little wagering action but don’t want to spend a long time researching and comparing. The understanding of this sport you’re bringing to the table from the get-go will be more than enough to see you making a little extra money because you know drivers’ and teams’ qualifying records.

Prop Bets

Propositions stakes are those made on whether or not something is going to happen during a NASCAR race and the sheer originality of certain bookmakers is more than enough to recommend them. Will Kyle Busch lead with the most laps? Will a Mustang win the race? These bets vary hugely from sportsbook to sportsbook and race to race, so we highly recommend that you always check them out before putting any money down.

Prop wagers typically fall into two main categories, Skilled and Unskilled. The difference is key to the success of your bottom line, so pay attention to this factor. Skilled Prop stakes require knowledge and expertise on your part and Unskilled Prop bets are more for fun, and sheer luck is often what it takes to win them.